A company focused on the importing of Medical and Scientific Devices and have been active for more than 20 years with clients in both public and private sectors.  We have distributed more than 1,000 instruments all around Thailand.  Distributors have been specially selected from leading manufacturers in both North America, Europe, and Japan.  As one of the leading distributors in Thailand, we need to find people with extensive knowledge and can help for future expansions.

Sales Representative

-Age not exceeding 30 years

-Bachelor's Degree with a major in medical, science, nursing or have knowledge in related fields.

-Experienced in sales of the products, tools, and equipment


Product Specialist

-Age not exceeding 30 years / อายุไม่เกิน 30 ปั

-Bachelor's Degree with a major nursing or have knowledge in related fields.

-Have experience working in ICU / hospitals

-Have their own vehicle (not required)

-Able to travel outside Bangkok (not required)


Technical Support

-Diploma of Vocational Education Electric and Power
-Able to work outside the country
-Knowledge of computer
-A driving license


Delivery drivers

- Able to work outside the country

- A driving license