Therapeutic and Diagnostic Endoscopy


EC-580RD/M, /L Slim Colonoscope

Designed with improved therapeutic access in mind, the slim 10.5mm diameter insertion tube and 3.2mm working channel provide optimal handling without compromising the introduction of accessories. A forward water jet function is incorporated for lavage in routine situations.


EG-580NW2 Slim Gastroscope

With a slim outer diameter of 5.8mm and generous suction through a 2.4mm channel, the EG-580NW2 is designed for uncompromised performance and comfort in smaller adults and older patients.


EG-580RD Therapeutic Gastroscope

Boasting a slim 9.8mm outer diameter and a generous 3.2mm working channel, the EG-580RD is capable of providing superior therapeutic accessibility and suction flow when necessary. An integrated forward water jet port is incorporated for lavage in demanding situations.


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