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For over 35 years Particle Sizing Systems has been committed to helping customers find solutions to their particle sizing problems. We offer products with unique capabilities that can size particles from single digit nanoparticles to particles that are thousands of microns in diameter. Whether you need a particle size distribution or to find that needle in a hay stack, our team of engineers and sales staff are available to provide the product knowledge and scientific expertise necessary to solve your sizing issues. 

Our main Product including as below;

- Accusizer ( The AccuSizer AD is our most popular system based on the single particle optical sizing (SPOS) technique used for general particle size analysis applications.  The most advanced liquid particle counter for USP <787>, <788>, and <789> testing.)

- Nicomp (The Nicomp dynamic light scattering (DLS) system measures particles size and generates results as Gaussian or multi-modal distributions using the unique Nicomp algorithm that remains the most advanced for accurately separating close bimodals and native populations from aggregate tails. )

- Zeta Potential (The Nicomp DLS system also measures the zeta potential of dispersions. The zeta potential is a measure of the charge on the surface of a particle. A high zeta potential is an indicator/predictor of higher dispersion stability, and hence shelf life.)

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