1. Natural
-Ozone water
Ozone water works to disinfect endoscopes using the oxidizing power of ozone. Because of its structure, ozone does not give rise to drug-resistant strains of bacteria.
-Real-time concentration control system
Due to the difficulty in maintaining ozone water at a constant concentration, the OED-1000V constantly monitors the concentration of the ozone water. The bactericidal effect is always maintained.
-Chemical free
There is no toxicity because the OED-1000V does not use any chemicals.


2. Easy-to-use and low running cost
Ozone water is made from electricity, oxygen and water keeping running costs very low.
The total process time is 14 minutes from start to finish. After this, the endoscope is ready to be used again immediately without the need for further treatment.


3. Hygienic
-Ozone generator
Fresh, new ozone water is generated for each wash cycle, guaranteeing a high level of disinfection.


4. Safe
-Ozone decomposition function
Using the ozone decomposition function, ozone water is simply and safely transformed into water and ozone: harmless by-products. Additionally there is no need to neutralise the endoscope after sterilisation. An atmospheric ozone sensor provides additional safety against any leaking ozone.


5. Approved

-Ozone Effectiveness
Certified in accordance with the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
The effectiveness of OED-1000V disinfection has been proved in a thorough program of trials.



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OED-1000V Process