EG-600WR & EG-600ZW​


The 600 Series provides you with the following features and benefits:


-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor enables clear, smooth, high-resolution video less susceptible to image noise

-60 fps video provides high definition still images with less blurring

-Sharp and Accurate Color Representation

-Stable Illumination and Excellent Image Brightness

-HDTV Compatible

-Close Focus Lens System enhances observation capability as close as 2mm

-High Performance Optical System with less peripheral distortion

-Forward Water Jet Function equipped for both the colonoscope and gastroscope

-EC-600WL New Insertion Tube features a more gradual shift in flexibility

-New Air/Water Nozzle to improve lens cleaning capability

-Slim Outer Diameter

-Lightweight design and easy manipulation of angulation control dials


For more information regarding the 600 Series or other models, please contact us.