Beacon™ EUS Delivery System


Automated Needle Shield

-Designed to cover needle sharp


Proprietary Glide Ball

-Allows for interchangeability of all needle sizes through a universal delivery system
-Start with one needle size and switch to any other size instantly during the same case, while using one universal delivery system
-Engages automated needle shield during needle removal
-Centers needle in catheter for consistent needle trajectory


Needle Exchange

-Engineered for multiple needle exchanges throughout the procedure to improve clinical workflow
-Ergonomic release button designed for fast, efficient removal of needle


Delivery System with PEBAX

-Maintains flexibility and durability, reducing needle exposure to endoscope channel while remaining in position at point of interest


For more information regarding the Beacon EUS Delivery System, please contact us.

Needle Exchange

Proprietary Glide Ball

Automated Needle Shield

Delivery System with PEBAX

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