Fume Hoods


Esco Laboratory Fume Hoods are among the best in the world, compliant with international standards such as the American ASHRAE 110-1995 and the British BS 7258, independently tested by INVENT-UK. They have also been successfully tested for fume containment specified in the European Standard EN 14175-3 and received Underwriters Laboratories, USA Classification under the fume hood standard UL 1805, tested for fire, electrical, and mechanical hazards.

The Esco Ductless Fume Hoods provide protection to both laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic fumes. Unlike conventional fume hoods, these hoods filter out chemical fumes and recycle air directly back to the laboratory, providing energy savings, personnel and environmental protection, mobility, and convenience as you do not have to deal with complicated ducting systems.


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Fume Hoods

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